The Okinawa urban monorail travels through Naha city,very cheap and can bring your any where to discover the beauty of okinawa and enjoy its delicious food. It starts from Naha Airport Station, and goes all the way to Shuri  Castle, as well as to  many sightseeing spots, city center  and shopping marche such asKokusai Dori(International shpping street). We recomment you to buy the convenient 1-day and 2-day tickets pass so that you can move through all the city center freely.

Since the Naha Airport Station is connected to the domestic terminal of the airport, the monorail is also used by tourists visiting popular sites around Naha. It also offers a beautiful view of the Naha cityscape through the windows.

Adult fares are between 220 – 320 Yen ($2.2-3.2) and for children from 110 – 160 Yen ( $1-1.5) depending on your destination. We highly recommend a free pass ticket if you plan on using the monorail throughout your stay. 

One-day free pass ticket: Adult 600 Yen ($ 6) and Child 300 Yen ($ 3 ).
Two-days free pass ticket: Adult 1,000 Yen ($ 10 ) and Child 600 Yen ( $ 6 )
Three-days free pass ticket: 1,400 Yen( $ 14 )

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 Shuri Castle served as the proud and dignified center of the Ryukyu Kingdom for over 400 years. With architectural influences from both China and Japan, the castle shows its exceptional cultural and historical value in its unique stone work and architectural design. Thus, Shuri Castle was designated as a world heritage site in December 2000, becoming the 11th World heritage site within Japan.

Shuri Castle was constructed around 14th century, however the specific details are not known. Since becoming the royal seat in 1406 for king Sho Hashi who united the kingdom, the castle proudly served as the heart of politics, foreign diplomacy and culture of the Ryukyu Kingdom for about 500 years until King Sho Tai, the last ruler of the kingdom abdicated the throne to the Meji Government of Japan. Through trade with China, Japan and Southeast Asia, various items were brought to Shuri Castle, where the distinct culture of Ryukyu blossomed through the arts such as lacquer ware, dyes and textiles, ceramics and music.

Shuri Castle     UNESCO World Heritage Site

 Dolphin Feeding Schedule (¥500= $5, if you want)

  • 10:00 AM ~ 12: 00 PM
  • 13:30 PM ~ 16:00 PM

The Airport Limousine Bus is also available between Naha Airport and major resort hotels on Okinawa Mainland. You can purchase tickets for the limousine bus at Naha Airport (1F, Domestic terminal or International Terminal), Naha Bus Terminal, and each hotel where the limousine bus stops. For more details about fares, bus timetable and schedule, please proceed to the Information Desk at the arrival lobby (1F) of both the domestic and international terminals. You can also call the “Airport Limousine Bus Information Center:” Bus Schedule and fares can be found at:  

Taxis in Okinawa are available 24 hours a day. There are also tourist taxicabs with certified crew that can guide you around the island for sightseeing. The basic metered fare starts from 500 Yen until 1.8km, which increases 60 Yen every 360m. 

An additional 20% surcharge is added from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am throughout the year. All taxis accept cash and some of them accept major credit cards

 You may visit some attractions without paying the aquarium entrance fee. The following events are free of charge:

​ Sightseeing Recommendations

 Dolphin Show Times

  • 11:00 AM
  • 13:00 PM
  • 14:30 PM
  • 16:00 PM
  • 18:00 PM

Area: Approximatly 10,000 square meteru

Building Structure: Reinforced-concrete, 4-stories

 Sae Turtle Pool
 The seas around Okinawa are home to various turtles, including hawksbill, loggerhead, green, olive, and black turtles not commonly found in Japan. Enjoy these turtles at the sea turtle pool. 

​​International Conference on Materials Science and Mechanical Systems Engineering 


​ Okinawa Churami Aquarium

Airport Limousine

Monorail, buses, taxis, and rental cars are the main means of transportation on the main island. If you want to move from north to south of okinawa at any time you want based  on your schedule during your stay for the conference, we recomment you to use rental care.

Expressway Bus

Discover Okinawa and Enjoy our Stay

City Bus

 Okichan Theater .                    All show  and facilities are free of charge
 At Okichan theater you can enjoy an exciting dolphin show or an acrobatic diver show, with the beautiful blue ocean as the  backdrop.

A number of tourists choose to rent a car for the ease of traveling around Okinawa and some tour packages include car rentals in their plan. There are many car rental companies providing anything from EV-car, small vans, wagons, and jeeps to camping cars and convertibles. Car rentals are equipped with car navigation systems, and some also have special equipment installed for barrier-free access. Rentals are also available on the outer islands, but please keep in mind to ask for gas station locations on the more rural outer islands. Most companies accept reservations by phone or Internet. With reservations, many car rental companies have a shuttle from the airport to their local office, where you can sign in and receive your keys. If you plan to drive while visiting Okinawa, you will need an international driver’s license obtained in your home country. Also, please be aware that seat belts are mandatory.

Car Rental

 Dolphin Interaction Schedule

  • 11:30 AM
  • 13:30 PM
  • 15:50 PM

The City buses have uniform fares of 220 Yen ($ 2.2) and are also convenient for sightseeing around the city.  Get on a bus from the front, and exit from the rear. Please pay the fare when you get on.

Suburban Bus

 Nurtured by the Black Curent (Kuroshio), the Okinawa seas are home to a countless number of marine creature whose ecology is beyond your wildest imagination. The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is a world class facility where you can experience splendor and mystery of the sea as you yourself were diving down into its cobalt-blue depths.

​​​(ICMS2E 2021)

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 Dolphin lagoon
 During the dolphin viewing program, you can see the dolphins up close and learn about their physical features as well as the methods of health maintenance practiced at ocean Expo park.

Expressway buses cover most of Okinawa Mainland and outlying islands, and are a convenient way to sightsee around the island. Please check with the bus company for bus schedules and fares.

 Manatee Pool
 Manatees are gentle herbivorous mammals that have inspired mermaid legends of the past. Small numbers of this endangered speicies inhabit the waters around Okinawa, and you may experience these gentle giants up close at Churaumi Aquarium.


The base fare for the suburban bus is 220 Yen ($2.2) within Naha city. For outside of Naha city to other cities the base fare starts from 160 yen and increases according to distance, somewhere between 220 Yen – 300 Yen for each 10km.
 Example: If you plan to go to Nago city for sightseeing the bus fare is 1,400 yen from Naha Bus Terminal to Nago Bus Terminal. Bus No. 20 or 120.

 Dver Show Times

  • 11:50 AM
  • 13:00 PM
  • 13:50 PM
  • 17:30 PM